Share the love: The Royal Rewards Referral Program

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At Royal Gymnastics, we believe the best testimonial of a customer’s satisfaction is when you tell others about us. To show our appreciation, we have established the “Royal Rewards” Referral Program to thank you for your trust in us and your willingness to refer us to others.

Rewards Program Details

Refer a new family with one enrolled child and you will receive a $25 “Royal Rewards” credit on your account. Refer a new family with two or more enrolled children and receive a $50 “Royal Rewards credit on your account. There is no limit to the number of referrals you may make.  The referred customer will also receive a $25 account credit. To receive the Royal Rewards credit, the referred customer must mention your name at the time they register for their first class.  After the referred customer’s first 30 days, the applicable Royal Rewards credit will be posted to the accounts.

Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

1.     The “Royal Rewards” Referral Program is applicable to all students currently enrolled on the competitive team, in a preschool, gymnastics, Ninja Zone or tumbling class.

2.     The referred customer must enroll their child(ren) in a preschool, recreational, Ninja Zone or tumbling class. 

3.     There is no limit on the number of Royal Rewards Referrals you may earn.

4.    To receive the reward credit, your name must be mentioned as the referring customer at the time the referred customer is enrolling their child(ren). A referral credit will not be approved for a customer after they have completed the enrollment process.

5.     Receive a $25 credit for a new single student referral. Receive a $50 credit when two or more new students enroll from the same referred family. All siblings must enroll at the same time to receive the $50 family “Royal Rewards” credit.

6.     The referred customer must be a new customer. Current and past customers are not eligible as a referred customer.

7.     The “Royal Rewards” Referral will be credited to the accounts after the referred customer pays the Enrollment Fee and First Month’s Tuition and after the referred customer’s first 30 days.

8.    “Royal Rewards” Referrals will not be awarded for referrals of siblings or other children living in the same household as the referring customer.

9.     “Royal Rewards” Referrals are non-transferrable and hold no cash value.

10.  The “Royal Rewards” Referral cannot be combined with any other discount offer.