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Cal Benefit Cup 2019

Berkeley, Ca. 10/5/19 - 10/6/19

Royal’s compulsory level 3 and level 4 teams continued their mid-season tear as they ventured to the Haas Pavilion in Berkeley, Ca for the Cal Benefit Cup.

The girls pulled no punches as the level 3 team triumphantly returned home with a first place banner and a cumulative all-around score of 111.250.

Top performers include:

Melea C, who finished first in vault, bars, and floor; placed 1st all-around with a score of 37.125! Jaelynn H pulled first place wins in vault and floor, finished 1st place with an all-around score of 36.650.

Madeline S pulled 1st in beam and placed 3rd all-around (36.750), with Maliea (level 4), close behind with a 3rd place finish all-around (36.600). Gabby K rounds out the top performers of the team with a 1st place finish on bars and 3rd all-around (36.025)

Royal's compulsory level 3 and 4 teams took their skills over the hill to CGA Gymnastics in Livermore, Ca; competing in the Vineyard Classic 2019 meet.

The level 3 team was able to walk away claiming 3rd place team win!

Top performers include:

Madeline (level 3) who placed 2nd all-around (37.200) and Jaelynn (level 3) who placed 3rd all-around (36.975). Sydney (level 4) placed 2nd all-around (36.775).

Top Floor performers include
Melea (level 3) who placed first with a score of 9.475 as well as Gabby (level 3) placed 1st with a score of 9.675.

Congratulations to our compulsory level 3 and 4 teams for another great meet!


Vineyard Classic 2019

Livermore, Ca


NAWGJ Judges Cup 2019

Rancho Cordova, Ca

The compulsory level 3 and 4 team kicked off the new competition season with a trip to Rancho Cordova, competing at the NAWGJ Judges Cup!

Sydney placed 1st on bars and 2nd AA (35.700); and Madeline placed 2nd on bars & beam while placing 3rd AA (36.250).

Melea also placed 2nd (vault) and 3rd (floor), with Gabby rounding out the top four by placing 3rd (beam) and T-2nd (floor)

Royal’s Xcel Bronze team concluded the month of March in style as they competed at their first Xcel Bronze State Championships in Oroville, California.

The team displayed poise and confidence during the competition, leading to excellent performances in their first ever state meet.

Miah (38.700), Madeline (38.425), and Alessa (38.200) all placed 1st all-around. Charlye placed 3rd all-around, Isabella placed 2nd on vault, Jazmin took 2nd on bars, and Addison placed 3rd on floor.

We are incredibly proud of these outstanding gymnasts!


Xcel Bronze State Championships 2019

Oroville, Ca. 3/23/2019 - 3/24/2019


Girl Power 2019 Meet @Accel

Burlingame, Ca. 3/9/2019 - 3/10/2019

Royal’s Xcel Teams looked to start the month of March on a high note, competing at the Girl Power 2019 meet in Burlingame, California.

As the day wrapped up with Xcel Bronze placing 2nd, Xcel Silver placing 3rd, and Xcel Gold placing 2nd.

Top performers of the day included Miah (XB) with an all-around score of 38.200 (1st), Lavinia (XS) with an all-around score of 38.100 (1st), and Kyra (XG) with an all around score of 37.800 (T-1st).

The team is looking ahead towards the state and regional meets within the coming weeks.

The Optional Team looked to follow up their success as they competed at the Delta Classic Invitational in Stockton, California.

The weekend wrapped up with the team bringing home a 3rd place team trophy!

With state and regional meets looming around the corner, Royal’s Optional team hopes to keep up the positive attitude and winning mindset they have demonstrated all season.


Delta Classic Invitational 2019

Stockton, Ca. 3/2/2019 - 3/3/2019


Spirit of the Flame 2019 Meet

San Mateo, Ca. 2/23/2019 - 2/24/2019

Our Xcel Team looked to finish the month of February on a high note, competing at the Spirit of the Flame 2019 meet in San Mateo.

Royal’s Xcel athletes continued to compete at a high level; with Xcel Bronze placing 3rd, Xcel Silver placing 1st, and Xcel Gold placing 3rd!

Top performers include Miah (XB) who was 1st all-around (AA) with a score of 38.150, and Kyra (XG) who was 1st all-around (AA) with a score of 37.475

Royal’s Optional Team ventured north to Seattle, Washington as they set their sights on the Charity Choice 2019 meet.

The cold winter weekend finished with the Optional Team placing 2nd, gaining more experience as the competition season flies by.

Pia (level 7) finished 2nd amongst all other competitors with an all-around (AA) score of 38.425

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Charity Choice 2019 Meet

Seattle, Wa. 2/14/2019 - 2/17/2019


Xcelebration Classic Meet

Salida, Ca. 2/9/2019 - 2/10/2019

The Xcel team continued their success this competition season as they rolled into the Xcelebration Classic meet in Salida California.

The weekend wrapped up in stellar fashion with Xcel Bronze winning 1st place team, Xcel Silver winning 1st place team, and Xcel Gold also winning first place.

Lavinia (XS), Madeline (XB), Miah (XB), and Kyra (XG) all placed 1st all-around (AA). Lavinia also finished with the highest all-around score (38.075) out of all other competitors

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The Royal Optional Team, levels 7 & 8, looked to keep momentum rolling as they competed in the Ohana’s Surf Classic meet in Santa Cruz, California.

The team walked away winning 2nd place overall, with Pia (level 7) and Ciera (level 7) both placing 1st all-around (AA).

Pia finished with the highest all-around score (37.925) of the 276 gymnasts that competed.

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Ohana’s Surf Classic Meet

Santa Cruz, Ca. 2/3/2019


CGA Xcel Classic Meet

Pleasanton, Ca. 2/2/2019

Our Xcel team put on their game faces at the CGA Xcel Classic meet in Pleasanton, California in hopes of building on their performance in Las Vegas.

Xcel Bronze won 1st place team, with Xcel Silver and Xcel Gold both winning 3rd place team.

Lavinia (Xcel Silver) not only placed 1st all-around, but with a score of 38.65- placed highest amongst 392 other competitors.

View the individual scores from the meet.

Our Xcel and Optional teams began the new year at the Lady Luck Invitational in Las Vegas, NV, hoping to build upon their experience from the previous year.

Xcel Bronze won 2nd place team, Xcel Silver and Xcel Gold both winning 5th place teams, and the Optional team winning 2nd place!

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Lady Luck Invitational

Las Vegas, NV. 1/19/2019 - 1/20/2019

Lady Luck.jpg

Lady Luck Invitational

Las Vegas, NV. 1/12/2018-1/13/2018

Our Xcel and Optional teams brought home fourteen 1st Place medals, ten 2nd place medals, and eight 3rd place medals for individual events! Xcel Bronze and Silver won 4th place team, Xcel Gold won 5th place team, and our level 6 girls brought home a 1st place team scoring the highest score out of the entire competition!!! WOW!

And a special recognition to our All Around (AA) champions:
Lavinia 2nd place, Melissa 2nd place, Nadia 2nd place, Amyah 3rd place, Samantha 3rd place, Madison 2nd place, Alexa 1st place, and Pia 1st place!! A HUGE shoutout to Alexa scoring a 9.9 on beam!! And Pia scoring a perfect 10.0!!

Level 3 and 4s with their banners at the Cal Benefit cup at UC Berkeley

Cal Benefit Team banners.jpeg

Cal Benefit Cup - UC Berkeley

Berkeley, Ca. 10/8/2017

Level 3 and Level 4 teams bring home team banners!